Shugakuin Villa Moss Land

A view of the grounds from the ground, a most spectacular magical setting surrounded by nature’s best. The Shugakuin Villa gets wet by Japan’s long rainy and humid season called Tsuyu is from early June to mid July. Rain brings something good for visitors, glistening moss inside a serene Japanese garden and listening to the sounds of water running is absolutely special experience in Kyoto.


Nothing can cover a surface and suggest lush softness the way moss can. Traditionally, Japanese poets have compared moss in June to velvet and sea waves. Unlike most other plants, moss except for a single variety, can not be transplanted.


They warn you to pay special attention not to step on the moss as there are no seeds, only spores, invisible to the eye. And unlike nearly any other plant form, a long, long forgotten patch of moss can spring back to life after months of hot, dry weather with just a bit of water and the right conditions.


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