P1. Zuwai Crabs – video |Tsukijii Tokyo|

A quick hop to Tsukiji (07h00) with a friend to buy some Zuwai crabs for a dinner. For Japanese, winter is the season of crab and there are a variety of crabs to enjoy, but no one denies that the zuwai-gani (snow crab) caught in the Sea of Japan is the king of winter delicacies.

Situated beside the Sea of Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed to have zuwai-gani as one of its specialty dishes. When the fishing season begins in November, many visitors come to Kanazawa to taste zuwai-gani and Omicho Market bustles.

The most common way of enjoying zuwai-gani is using Sanbaizu a shoyu based sauce with vinegar and mirin and sometimes some sugar. These types of “Tare” are excellent for creating tastes that are mostly indigenous to Japan.