Wild Milk & Evian Plastic Bottles

Marketing milk in a glass bottle is cleaver and works when avoiding plastic bottles. While a group of hoax emails doing their rounds warning about the so-called dangers of plastic bottles, etc. There is no concrete scientific evidence to back up these claims. But having said that, it’s something I am unsure about.

I have the feeling that plastic should be avoided when possible and especially plastic water bottles, which is another subject all together. I always think about it a statement my wife once told me, she said; Evian spells Naive backwards so are we naive about the danger,s or the fact that bottled water is a scam and way over priced.

The world is a thirsty place and the French company Groupe Danone knows it. Groupe Danone World Water Division is best known for its premium Evian brand, which, in North America, is backed by the marketing muscle of Coca-Cola.

In addition to Evian, Danone Water’s portfolio includes Font Vella, Volvic, and Wahaha. Evian is its powerhouse brand and is exported to more than 120 countries. The company, which is the world’s second-largest bottled water provider behind Nestle, owns and operates 84 water plants worldwide.