Tare is a term used commonly to describe a sauce made to accompany any Japanese food. While the bases are often modified, the most common base is often dashi. After taking konbu, and katsuobushi, you simmer water and add other common Japanese ingredients, blending them gently by using low heat. The end result is a tare, or a ponzu sauce that can add a dimension of taste to whatever principal dish you’re consuming.

Mentsuyu is another sauce condiment made from dashi, shoyu, mirin and sugar. Mentsuyu is often used as a dipping sauce with sōmen, soba, udon and is heard at most soba shops as clients slurp away their noodles.

Warishita is another condiment used in Japanese cuisine. Consisting of salt, sugar, and shoyu, it is used in preparing sukiyaki. Each Japanese tare has a variation of ingredients including various citrus, salt/shoyu, sugar, umami and katsuobushi shaved and simmered slowly.