Mountain Potato – video |Yama Imo|

This is not in the village of Yuzuri Hara, two hours outside of Tokyo that has some proof of long-life for residents. More than 10 percent of the population of this village is 85 or older, 10 times the average norm.

It is believed in part that Hyaluronic acid that is found naturally in all living organisms, a gel-like component that exists between cells and connective tissue is responsible, and acts as a cushion for joints and nerves to prevent degeneration. Hyaluronic acid can leave skin moisturized, fresh and healthy because of the high retention of moisture, and 1g of hyaluronic acid can absorb as much as 6L of water.

Unlike other regions of Japan that grow rice, Yuzuri Hara’s hilly terrain is better suited to harvesting different carbohydrates that may prove healthier: things like satsumaimo, a type of sweet potato, ane satoimo and yama imo a sticky white potato; konyaku and imoji, a potato root.