P1. Fugu Pro – video ***Michelin

There are many food restaurants throughout Japan, but Tokyo is best known for quality fugu.Yamadaya fugu restaurant is a branch of a ryotei in Usuki Oita that opened in Tokyo in 2006. In season, Tora fugu is delivered daily from Oita, and it’s here you eat only fugu the notorious poisonous fish that scares the pants off most people.

I have written about sushi and fugu many times over the course of my eating career. I never doubt the fact that eating fugu is safe, and it never crosses my mind when I sit down at a counter.

In front of us is a skilled Japanese chef who slices fugu with the ease of a top expert. His knife is extraordinarily sharp, as he draws it, slicing paper-thin fugu and placing it directly onto the plate in front of the customer.

This technique is used for fish with firm and elastic flash such as fugu. The name of this slicing is Usuzukuri, when the flesh is cut paperthin and the knife is visible through the slice.

Since the slices are translucent a plate with beautiful color and pattern let’s just guests enjoy the pattern.

A range of cutting techniques and variations me used to bring out the best flavor texture and appearance of fish.

The two most basic techniques are called sogizukuri or sogigiri or hirazukuri. But when it comes to cutting fugu extremely thin the technique usuzukuri is used. The technique requires the flesh to be cut into uniform paperthin slices, and a sharp knife which has a long cut guides the chef to a perfect cut.