Egg of Sun – Japanese Mango


True some say it is too crazy and too expensive, so why and who buys these mangoes when there are others one-hundredth of the price.

“Taiyou no Tamago”, know as “Egg of the Sun” is from Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu. It has the most exotic taste of passion fruit and coconut. It is true that these are amongst the most expensive mango’s in the world but they are so different from any other type grown on the plant. The flesh is very soft and dense with flavor. The color is bright and vibrant. The taste lingers on and on, it is superb.

So who buys them? People who are giving an important gift, or fruit lovers, those that are committed to the finest, the same way car lovers buy cars, or wine lovers drink wine. Taiyou no Tamago is the most expensive mango in Japan. It is only picked once fully ripe (sugar concentration exceeds 15% of its juice and the weight reaches 350 grams or more, so they are deliciously soft and very sweet.

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