Daigo no Shizuku |Tereda Honike| Chiba Kozaki

Perhaps I overlooked the natural aspects of this particular sake, but I just found it far too funky, And overwhelming. “While other distillers strive to produce alcohol of mirror-like clarity and easy-to-sip sweetness, Terada’s creation is cloudy, full of body, fungal not fruity and decidedly more sour than sweet. It is, according to 41-year-old Terada, how much of Japanese sake actually looked and tasted before mass-production techniques and shortcuts changed the craft over the past century.”

The power of a can get drink should be in balance and not lopsided. I felt that this drink lacked the finesse needed to balance the dish. I understand the natural aspects of this drink but in many cases natural is not enough and can over power itself leaving the wrong impression.