A Hungry Monk!

The monk eats mostly simple foods, and an omelette with mozzarella cheese is not common, and so it gets a warm welcome. Here is a tip, the next time you make an omelette, don’t beat the eggs too much, add a tad of water, and fry some garlic in advance, and color the garlic with some paprika for color.

Once they are ready, add them to the egg mixture, and immediately put into the frying pan and begin. Your frying pan will be hot unless you clean it to avoid staining the omelette’s surface.

The omelette gets the right color if you have the right size pan, the right quantity of mixture and the right heat and timing. Make sure you use a hat over the omelette to capture some of rising steam’s moisture to heat the top side.

There are different schools of thought on the toasting effect, or the coloration of an omelette. In Japan, the omelette is not colored but is still delicious and made to perfection. /see below/

If you wish to have no color, you’ll need to practice and have a very clean pan, and a very correct heat and technique.

Here are few ideas:





IMG_1751 IMG_1767