Junk Food Junky |Frozen|

I am a junk food junky but I am careful not to eat real junk. These are filled with plenty of sugar and coloring /I suppose/ but then again many foods are!

Walking past Jean-Paul Hévin, I bumped into a pastry chef of a three star Michelin, I saw him gazing into the window. I laughed smiling and said, “all frozen good looking well traveled deserts”. He nodded, and replied “of course”.

It is true, when you travel to Paris and or Tokyo and see those wonderful looking deserts, they are shipped made in a central factory, all frozen and shipped – sad but true.

If you are after the real deal, stick with Pierre Hermes, he has a different story and many of his preparations are handmade and not shipped across the globe. The next time you bite into a macaroon, it has probably traveled as far as you have!

I somehow prefer the real deal, sugar laden, rich and intense yet somehow junk food is the real deal.