Shinko |gizzard shad|

This is a silver fish, marinated over 2+ days, it has a very distinctive taste that is neither bitter nor sweet, the vinegar marinate leaves it with a slight acidic contrast.

To make things confusing in the Japanese fishing terminology and many people have never seen the shinko and confuse it with kohada. The gizzard shad has several classifications according to their age, and size and these are the two most common are Kohada /6cm size/ and Shinko /4cm/ or smaller.

Seasonal shinko can be very expensive during the spring season and is time right now. The gizzard shad were used as good luck charms for child-birth and were buried in the ground to protect the mother from labor.


The name kohada which is the most widely known stage of the fish gets its name from the many dark blue spots on its skin – Ko meaning powder and hada meaning skin.


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