Valentino Palmisano Pomodoro |Ritz Kyoto|

We walked into the Ritz’s Italian restaurant thinking we would eat some casual cuisine but just the opposite happened. It wasn’t until we ordered a souffle that the chef appeared and introduced himself. Today was the first day the menu changed and this was the first souffle of the start of the spring menu.

The impeccable deserts are made in a separate kitchen by Pierre Hermé and there is nothing to say except incredible! The cuisine prepared by Valentino palmisano, not Parmesano is right alongside, matching in quality, he is a vibrant chef, he has lots to say and plenty of experience in the kitchen.

Valentino could have been a race car driver, he is edgy and knows what he likes, a person that strives for perfection. He worked in Shanghai at Sabatini and later Tavola and finished with the Ritz Shanghai. He has been in Japan a short time and has done an excellent job is trying to bring southern Italian cuisine to a small Japanese city.

This dish was very good, a fresh pomodoro with mozzarella and basil ice cream – perhaps bringing Neapolitan fresh cheese is too ambitious, but nonetheless he has to be on top of his game being from the south.