Daikon Ashi

Daikon is also used in Japanese to describe a person with large leg calves and you may hear the words “daikon ashi’ used although I am not sure how polite that is.

The radish has been one of the most significant vegetables in Japan’s history and is the only vegetable included in the festival of seven herbs, the seven spring flowers. It became popular nationwide in the Edo period (1603-1868) and has stayed popular ever since. You’ll find it fresh and pickled almost in verey frocery shop and it is added to and used in many foods.

There are several species that are popular such as Nerima Daikon, Kameido Daikon, and Miura Daikon. The Kameido daikon, first cultivated in the Kameido is another famous daikon of Edo. It was favored as an early spring vegetable for its dense flesh and the suitability of both root and leaves for pickling.

The best way to use it is: grate it, retain the juices, add some dashi, shoyu, fresh wasabi and some white miso. I finely slice treviso radicchio atop and dress it with dashi, black pepper and virgin olive oil.