O-toro |Bluefin Tuna|

I never get bored with blue fin tuna and admire this species more than any other fish food. Blue tuna is an exceptional fish both in diversity, size, weight and intelligence.

You can see the tuna’s color begins to lighten up and the taste changes as their diet changes. The tuna’s ability to maintain body temperature has several definite advantages over other sea life. It need not limit its range according to water temperature, nor is it dominated by climatic changes.

Believe it or not but fresh domestically caught tuna /in Japan/ represents a very small percentage, and perhaps less than 1-3%. In most cases tuna fish is frozen for many months and consolidated and transported globally to markets and consumers.

Many consumers have no idea but the FDA insists that all imported fish is frozen to kill bacteria. Don’t ever think that the tuna at the local market is comparable to Japanese tuna because it’s definitely not.