Nuke Provocation – video|Nukezuke|

Making Nukazuke is not as easy as it looks and can get to be a boring chore unless you are dedicated to digging in daily and giving nuke provocation.

Nukazuke pickles are made by fermenting vegetables in rice bran called nuka. Almost any type of vegetable is edible and can be fermented via this technique. Depending on the mixture and time the vegetable is buried in the bran, the can vary from tangy to sour.

But more importantly fermented foods help promote health and are considered to be intelligent foods that we find more and more in daily use outside of Japan. The most significant chef that specializes in fermented foods is René Redzepi from Noma and many of his cultures come from a laboratory specializing in food bacteria.

Note: this video was taken at a yakitori shop in nishiazabu that explained it while they were mixing and adding long Japanese cucumbers – they are pictured on the counter.