Tsukji Maguro – video|Fishmonger|

Sushi in Tokyo begins before dawn. Throughout the night, thousands of trucks make their way down center-city streets to the Tokyo metropolitan to the central wholesale market, commonly known as Tsukiji.


I walk into the Tsukijii only to be chased out by security except, I am familiar with the vendors and I buy often in the fish market so I am excused and waved on. Each morning at tsukiji is the same, the vendors lights are bright, the pavement dark and wet, and the vehicles are moving very fast.

People too are moving and fish is flying as the morning goes bye quickly. This morning I stop to share with a close friend the work of a fish monger, but not just your average fish monger. This time he will witness the expertise of a fish monger specializing in the slicing and dissecting of maguro. If you look carefully he is dissecting the last quarter of the fish and all that remains is the skeleton.