Spring in Vienna – video|not food|

Arriving in Vienna it seemed that spring was near despite the rain pouring down and the winds that were ripping at speeds of 55kph. The day passed very quickly with a casual dinner, and the next morning we were ready to take a car and drive 03h00 towards the south and to Viva Mayr clinic where we spend some days.

An early start,the bellman shows up to take our luggage and asks where we are going and as soon as we say south, he smiles and shrieks “on my god the weather”, not something you expect to hear. It was then that I walked over to the window and looked outside. Remember we are talking about spring weather.


On the train it was clear that fresh snow had fallen and was covering the trees, roads and roof tops.


It wasn’t until we travelled some 250km south did we see the grass and it was all green all of a sudden.