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I was recommend Viva Mayr a year ago or more by a good friend. I had the wrong impression about the clinic, and I thought it was more about dieting via epsom salts, and less about rejuvenation. Well I was wrong, and began to understand the processes once I spent some timte there.

There is no doubt that the body requires de-tox, a rest from everyday life, food and stress and most importantly the re-booting of your intestinal tracks and the importance of re-balancing your entire body. The good news is for many the food they serve is tasty and wholesome, presentation is excellent and the end result worthy of the cost.

I can easily recommend it for any one who has the following:

-poor eating habits
-drink too much alcohol
-if you haven’t had a medical examination
-poor eating habits in general
-over eating
-poor sleep habits
-stressed lifestyle
-Late night dinners
-Adore raw foods in the evening
-any allergies or intolerance to foods
-if you haven’t screened your blood thoroughly
-if you have a belly
-over weight
-lack of excercise

The good news @ Viva Mayr the food is very good despite the portions which help you learn how to eat in a healthy manner.


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