100% Certified Organic |mozzarella|

The notion of fresh mozzarella exists within the limits of a stable where the buffala are kept and milked. The finest mozzarella is never shipped, or carried long distances and whatever you eat in the Americas is basically junk. /sorry/

The mozzarella is aid to be consumed before noon but in fact, the evening for mozzarella is better given the 2% salt solution has more time to penetrate and create a better cheese texture and taste. If you are in a rush, the Bocconcini (small mozzarella) is more ready and certainly more tasty.

The land where organic buffala are raised is in paestum, a well known archeological site visited by thousands every year, a stone’s throw away is a farm named vannulo, where the freshest and finest mozzarella is made.

A family run business, the Palmieri family understands cheese, soft, spongy, creamy and much more. They unfortunately do not deliver and so you need to jump into your car and drive there, or have a friend who will pick it up. I even asked for a taxi delivery but it’s not possible!

The farm is composed of 100+ hectares and includes a wonderful eighteenth century manor where the Palmieri family lives. There are 600 head of buffala mostly producing milk. Each buffalo eats 25+ kilograms of grass a day, and the all natural productive cycle takes place at their estate. It is 100% organic and no animal proteins are used.

You’ll need to drive one hour towards the south to enjoy their high quality handcrafted production of buffalo mozzarella, cheese, ice-cream, yogurts and their new bakery restaurant opening very soon.

It is very worthy of a trip!… a must go see and try because once you try it, you’ll understand the difference.