Allo Scoglio |Marina del Cantone|

Marina del cantone, located on the amalfi coast, as you wind down the hillside to the sea. I was introduced to allo scoglio by ernesto Iaccarino, who has become a good friend, the chef at Don Alfonso in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi.

The setting spectacular, the sea wishing to be warmer, the blue skies are shinning above, the breeze of the water is fresh and the wind beings the mood.


“Scoglio” means boulder and giuseppe de simone, a farmer at heart, the owner, works hard in his three gardens while his wife daughter and son work hard serving guests.

During this time of the year getting a table is easy, as it is quiet. Sitting 4 meters above sea “Beppe” arrives with a warm welcome and huge smile. His daughter Antonia suggest tartufi, a fresh sea shell clam served with local lemon.


“But wait a minute”, Antonia says, and her dad takes a fresh lemon from their tress behind the restaurant.


Beppe is strong handsome neapolitan charter, a scarf and cleanly groomed, he is strong and willing to share his interests. He adores to fish perhaps his first passion are his lemon trees.

One bite of spaghetti with zucchini, the house special captures the very essence of the terroir.


Their tomato giallo (yellow) a pasta they insist we try, it’s sublime, rich and intense, cooked to perfection al dente, no mistakes made here.


Allo Scoglio serves farm fresh verdura, (vegetables) and each fish is prepared with the utmost care for maintaining the flavors and tenderness.


This is a place that is certainly wonderful, honest and genuine in every way. If you have time to visit the amalfi coast this is worthy of a trip.

Via Roma 371
Marina di Campo, Campo nell’Elba, Isola d’Elba,
T. +39 0565 976914