Il San Pietro di Positano – video |Amalfi|

A drive along the coast of the amalfi can make anyone nervous until you get to your final destination. The roads are narrow, buses squeezing you almost off the road, twists and turns, cars parked and plenty to distract you.


Arriving to the San Pietro hotel is a relief, and is one of those moments when you sign a breath of relief. San Pietro is a historical monument sitting over a wild green cliff looking down to the sea. The coastal air is salty as the wind blows, the birds below skate the breeze and breathing the air the entire experience stays with you for a longtime.

One of those memories captured on the amalfi coast, a place where tradition meets modern style. The resident manager Vito Cinque, is a slender built well dressed gentlemen, and he runs the business as GM with his brother and his mother.

There aren’t many details they miss, the setting is picture perfect, and the sky and sea are shimmering below you as you stand on the restaurant balcony. I felt in awe looking down to the sea. The scenery is spectacular, the weather picture perfect, and the service outstanding to match the cuisine.


The menu at the restaurant is straight forward and is mostly based on the use of local products. I checked trip adviser to see what other customers thought, and while most were satisfied, the typical complaint was it’s “over priced”.


Personally I believe that unless you are prepared to pay for service, setting and the tremendous costs of operations in a 5 star hotel, you should go elsewhere. That isn’t to say that the restaurant is overpriced, I believe that the food quality is in-line with price.

The cuisine is simple straight forward, clean and pure. There is some decoration that adds a touch of class, something you expect when you sit in a regal setting such as this. The vegetables were crisp, crunchy and the virgin oil adds a spicy overtone.

The pane delle alici, a twist, a play on words this dish is made up of thin slices of melba and fresh anchovy.


The service is impeccable and the food is manicured as it should be. Life at San Pietro is more than luxury, its grandiose luxury. The feeling of being surrounded by the sea, their gardens, lemons falling from the trees into your hands, yet a casual yet formal feel, where details are the priority.


I talked with the general manager and he is both discrete and very well informed. Speaking with himabout an upcoming project, he has all the information at his fingers tips, a true professional with one thing in mind, hospitality and service. Guests are his priority and no compromise is made to deliver a 5***** star experience.


The coffee arrives, a relief and a sigh, the afternoon was stupendous, the pure air, service and hospitality as the sunshine brightens the day and warms us up. April in the amalfi coast can be one of the best periods to visit.