Don Alfonso @ Amalfi :-)

The genius of Don Alfonso goes way back, and continues on. This isn’t just a Michelin restaurant, this is an institution.

But what makes Don Alfonso so special? There isn’t a simple answer, except that they have one very important ingredient and that’s passion for what they do. A sense of appreciation for tradition and those clients who are dedicated to their passion.

As soon as you walk through the door, the staff smile and Mario (GM) of Don Alfonso is always there to help you and he is amazing.

If you are lucky enough you can chat with Livia who knows so much about so many topics. Her enthusiasm never lets us down and she has a pulse on everything. But her sincere and innocent demeanor is warming, and leaves you with a sense of wonderful the people are in the south.

The chef at the helm is Ernesto, (their son) an ex-banker who worked in London and came back to the family business. Ernesto is not much different from his Dad, he is driven, focused and lives and breathes his passion. 

The raw materials are second to none, and the ideas are often inventive, not silly but genius. You don’t come to Don Alfonso to eat, you come there for the experience, the aromas, the sky and the hospitality.


There are so many creations on the menu, some new and some old but don’t worry about trying them all, it isn’t about the food as much as it is about the ideas behind them. 

A dish can be very simple, such as the pasta below, or very intricate and structured, however there is one denominator and that’s tradition. 

The idea of a father and sons team and a mother that gives a stamp of approval in a very positive way helps the show go smoothly.


Whenever you visit Don Alfonso remember this is a family business, one that works and each family member helps one another – there is no sense of jealousy here, only love.


They have one common goal and that’s to leave clients with a sense of satisfaction, and an understanding of the amalfi coast and all their wonderful treasures surrounding.

If you have time visit their farm – it is a wonderful way to enjoy the region or if you are daring enough to go into the cellars, walk very carefully deep into the dungeon where you find some surprises.

Corso Sant’Agata, 11
Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi NA
T: 081 878 0026