Clos Stegasta – Tinos Again

The island of Tinos is full of surprises and one of them is Clos Stegasta, a very small winery (if that) which is nestled away in the hills of Tinos. I was lucky to make a visit there with a local, a close friend whom I trust and adore. The day is bright, cloudy and the wind is whistling in my ear with excitement. I am not sure why I am so excited, as I’ve visited many wineries all over the planet.


I suppose and meeting the wine maker and seeing and touching the vins makes it more exciting. The smile of Elena Aleura the talented, charming and energetic wine maker, her wine making style is based on her extensive knowledge of wine making, including travels to New Zealand and Australian as well as study in France.


She works with the wines and vines for the past 4 years, owned by the winery in the neighboring hillside. The problem with expanding production is the limitation of vineyards expansion by the European community, she explains. The idea is to build a winery one day, when the time is right but in the meantime, the system works despite the challenges of working on a small island without real infrastructure.


The wines are excellent with mineral character and an island intensity, the idea of vines that see cold winters, strong winds and hot sun during the summer months surrounded by the shores of what was once the greatest culture in the western hemisphere.


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