The enchanting island of Tinos and a terrain that models some of the finest in the Cyclades. Traveling on a Greek ship is very efficient and it takes twenty minutes to travel from Mykonos to Tinos.

The wind is quiet this day and we are very lucky to have the chance to spend some time together with chef owner Adonia Zarpas. In Greece you’ll find thousands of Tavernas, many are old-fashioned and still pride themselves on their Greek salad, a national food.


Others still serve the horiatiki, the farmers fresh salad, best served when its rustic. The summer salad in Greek cuisine is integral to any casual lunch but not at ToThalassaki. Here you’ll find a variation, respect for tradition as a priority, and not because its intentional, but because its genuine.

Standing over a box of fresh catch, Adonia snaps a photo, before digging in to chest her treasures, something she’s very good at doing. The fish in Greece is more than scarce these days, and more often than not fish is almost always imported, but not here. The locals work hard to carry her a box of Cyclades fresh caught fish, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll enjoy some of the very best.


Keep in mind that ToThalassaki is a taverna, not a gourmet Michelin restaurant, and so while Adonia is creative, inspired and dedicated, she has a menu that satisfies her clients, a priority. There isn’t the luxury of just cooking whatever you wish. That’s the way it is in Greece, and especially given the season is short, and the clients return to enjoy their favorites. A dish that I adore is tarama with sepia ink, fresh bread and hurry up.


Fresh zucchini, virgin olive oil and sea salt, there is something about simple and easy.


The national cephalopods is magical, grilled and served simply as it is – life in Greece without octopus would feel empty.


There is a family atmosphere and chef Adonia prides herself on taking care of her friends, staff and clients. If you would ask her about the kitchen, it’s her labor of love as she smiles with a certain pensiveness, knowing that her days are long and clients are often demanding. Adonia has a standard, a passion and a sensitivity and artistic control over what she does. After all what makes ToThalassaki so special is the experience.


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