Mango Madness |Taiyo no Tamago|

No undoubtedly Japanese quality is second to none, as there is no where else (I know) where fruits are crafted to perfection. These fruits are routinely expensive and its not unusual for a single mango to cost upwards of $100.

The “Taiyo no Tamago” mango-fruit from Miyazaki has its own specifications and this is where the shape and size come into play. It must weigh at least 350 grams including having the right sugar content and speckled surface. When harvested they are carefully packaged in styrofoam and set for the high-end fruit stores across Tokyo.

This past year the first miyazaki mango sold for over $2000, and that’s madness. These fruits are extraordinary and are worthy of a try, that’s if you have the eggs of the sun.