Mesubim Pizza Feat

I am not a chef, nor a cook, I am simply curious about process and enjoy the physical and emotional connection to the kitchen world, those people who enjoy to share and learn. Mesubim is all about the home kitchen; a place for solace, for some a chore, or a simple misery. It’s all how you see it, what you feel and how you taste. Some people taste with their minds, some with their eyes, while others their guts. The kitchen is a place where nourishment begins, conversations are sparked, a fire burns in the background, a sudden noise is heard, a hot oven, and some clouds get grey as fall begins. One of life’s most important outlets is communication, and here it all begins. Thank you G.A.L for organizing a wonderful week of sharing and learning with master chef Roshfeld – he has raw talent and a quick sense in the kitchen.