Pastry-Bread-Ice Cream

Taking decisions on paper is always more difficult than it seems. The building of any kitchen is always a challenge to say the least. This time the challenge was more about the function of space and finding the right balance between all the kitchens elements. I spent a long five months designing the kitchen and with a few turns and curves, finally I was obliged to make some compromises. This did impact our design but overall the space functions very well and many thanks to Armando Pujatti the proprietor of Marrone Pordenone.


The pastry and bread section was challenged by the fact that we have plenty of kitchen machines and limited counter space – that’s hard to believe but true. Luckily we have plenty of heavy-duty drawers that are capable of handling very heavy loads – it’s there we hide away most of our equipment when it is not in use.


The pastry and bread area (due to limited space) incorporates the vacuum machine, isolated within a single panel of stainless steel. Below are three drawers, the top drawer is for vacuum bags and two others are used for utensils for baking.


Beside the vacuum is the pastry area, a long slab of black granite polished so you can easily open the dough. Here we have a shucko sliding plugs (4) that are very useful. The lighting by Marrone is LED and is touch control, easy to use and works perfectly.


Next a small sink for a quick cleaning of a utensil or the Vitaprep container. The stainless steel counter is separated by the sink and helps maintain a dedicated space for the Pacojet and the Thermomix. The thermomix is a tool that I started to use this summer (AGL suggested) to temper chocolate and it works perfectly.


The last counter section is cold section with a temperature controlled top that goes to zero so you can make chocolate, ice cream, or simply set caramel.


The last element is the Carpigianni machine, a perfect ice cream machine for spinning whatever your heart desires.