Colored Fake Steak?

Never be fooled by American meat unless you have the desire to eat saturated fats that clog your heart. That’s why many believe that Japanese beef’s carbon and hydrogen’s bonds structure lead to a healthy beef. But anyway here is a tip on coloring beef, I posted this after chef Alex T called it a fake coloring.


Well the coloring isn’t fake but I do use shoyu and mirin to get a glazed color. It is important to know that without the Maillard reaction the coloration isn’t really possible, or at least wouldn’t look this way.


The steps vary from a lukewarm pan to a sizzling hot pan – you can choose as both have pros and cons. If you use a high heat have the pan well lubricated to avoid sticking. The either process takes just a few minutes.


1. take oil in a pan and heat it is sizzling hot – until you are ready get the surface it contact but don’t let it stick. That’s the tricky part.
2. color the meat on both sides and then de-glaze with miring and shoyu.
3. rest the 3/5 meat and then cut and serve.