Pasta Fresca |Roshfeld Inspiration|

I was inspired by master chef Roshfeld to make this dish which is as easy as flour and eggs. I use one kilo of Sicilian flour and 9 egg yolks and two whole eggs and spin it around until it coagulates and is ready to be fed into the Imperia pasta machine. The end result is delicious pasta. Then take some tomato and cut it into small cubes and mix it with fresh grated garlic. The last move is cooking the pasta and then finishing it off in the tomato and add some sea salt and fresh basil and as Roshfeld says “don’t forget the cracked black pepper”.


These ladies made memories of wonderful fresh tortellini made with Parmigiano cheese named “Mora” filled with ham cream made with prosciutto, Mortadella and pigs from Mora. The noodle is made with fine white flour and plenty of egg yolks. These two women working in unison make the tortellini in less than one hour. Most of the work is hand rolling the dough, this takes 17-20 minutes. It is one of the nicest travel moments watching them work.