What can you about Ivo that hasn’t already been said – the answer is not very much. If you have ever been to chez L’ami Louis in Paris, then you’ll know what I mean when you step through the door at Ivo.

There is no doubt in my mind that Giovanni learned from the very best in the business namely Ivo himself. I was reading Ivo’s small book publication about his clients, and his life at Ivo. The one story sticks out in my mind. It was the time when Picasso came and Ivo asked Picasso if he wouldn’t mind to make a quick sketch to keep as a souvenir (at the cash register) as a memento. He then asked Picasso to sign it and Picasso replied, I am here for a meal, not her to buy the restaurant.

Giovanni the owner of Ivo knows how to live and love life – all at the same time. He is almost always smiling and kibitzing, as the table of next to us (a German family) seems astonished by our laughter. But maintaining complete composure they finally ask (pointing to a painting hanging on the wall beside their table) “who is he”, and the waiter says the owner. We were enjoying ourselves laughing about it and drinking some Brunello while they seemed perfectly content.

There wasn’t a dish that Giovanni didn’t pop over to check and make sure it was perfect. I was in the kitchen and that’s a kitchen. A Small Marrone kitchen built to perfection, its like a boat and it operates smoothly like a locomotive.


Giovanni is a restaurant genius – a top professional who understands the true meaning of Italian hospitality. The notion of sharing and making the client feel welcomed and always at home. Our entire meal was planned by him and it was a truffle extravaganza extraordinaire – Bravo!

Parmigiano-Reggiano and seasonal ovoli:

Uva con Tartufo:


Steaming hot foamy Zabaione served over vanilla ice cream and topped with white truffles:

Ivo Menu: http://www.ristorantedaivo.it/exclusive/menu_capodanno.pdf

Calle dei Fuseri, 1809
30124 Venezia
T: +39 041 528 5004