Turkey Thanksgiving no schmaltz

The word schmaltz is a German word for rendered animal fat. Since lard is forbidden and butter restricted, schmaltz is the cornerstone of traditional Jewish cuisine and is used in many authentic dishes, such as matzo balls and latkes. Prior to the widespread use of vegetable oils and fats during the twentieth century, schmaltz was used in place of butter and lard. It adds a depth and richness to most dishes that cannot be obtained with vegetable fats.

I didn’t end up cooking the Turkey on Thanksgiving but just in case for next year, Turkey core temperature is @ 62°C legs and the Breast @ 56°C. Remember add 1°C degree as the heat of the core heats up as the temperature equalizes within the bird.

The oven is set at 80-85°C. There is no reason to blast the skin with high heat. The skin’s fat is rendered by melting the fat in boiling water and then changing the state back to solid. This causes the skin to contract and then immediately expand. Because of the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, poultry fats are relatively soft and are good fats.

Take the bird and brine it: I use cold water (iced) and 5% of total weight for 5 hours
Boil water and submerge it: I submerge the bird into the water to render the fat for 30 seconds
Ice water: from the boiling water into the cold ice bath – I salt the water to reduce the temperature
Dry Spices: I take sugar, salt, paprika, garlic, pepper and mix it in a pan and toast it to bind it
Rub: take shoyu and mix it together and brush it onto the bird
Cook: place the probe under the skin and into the breast near the bone and cook until a reach a core temperature @ 62°C legs and the Breast @ 56°C
Note: Remove breast and continue cooking the leg until @ 62°C