Maple Syrup |Remonte-Pente|

There is maple syrup and then there is Maple Syrup. Quebec produces 94 per cent of Canada’s maple syrup and 77 per cent of the world’s supply. Remonte-Pente is the result of a close collaboration between Semmelhaack and Société-Orignal the Montreal-based distributor.

There maple trees on his property grow alongside jack pines, balsam firs, birch and mountain ash. According to Semmelhaack, leaves from the different tree variants lower the pH of the soil and heighten its minerality. Remonte-Pente has pronounced an intense dark caramel colour, it’s thicker and has a higher sugar concentration leaning towards vanilla and brown butter. It also has a distinct peaty flavour thanks to the firewood.

Its most defining feature is the elevated sugar concentration, and the syrup is cooked by a wood fired stove until it reaches a sugar level of 70 degrees brix.