Abalone 101 – video Awabi Shucked

Abalone are marine mollusks, known as sea snails and are found close to the shores of Hokkaido. The protective shell has a row of respiratory pores along the spiral that allows water to enter their bodies and provide oxygen for the gills for absorption and for to allow wastes to be flushed out.


Inside the mouth is a file like tongue which scrapes algae from rocks to a size that can be swallowed. The internal organs of abalone are arranged spirally under the shell.


An abalone has a head, a pair of eyes, a mouth and a large pair of tentacles. Abalone use their muscular foot to attach themselves firmly to rocks and they have the ability to withstand the oceans currents.


Abalone are grazing animals, eating marine algae and they enjoy large brown algae such as giant kelp and bull kelp.

The awabi seen in the photograph is of the highest domestic quality and it is enjoyed as is without any manipulation except the salting of the muscle to aggravate the abalone muscular hold to the shell, and help release it without trouble. In the movie shows the difficulty of removing it from the shell. The abalone has a tremendous muscle and the shell’s muscle tension glues it to the bottom of the shell.


Once the mouth and organs are removed, the abalone’s muscle is washed carefully and is all ready.