Fruit Treasures Musk Melon

Ask yourself why is musk melon so expensive, and then ask yourself why is life so expensive? It’s not just a hand-made melon that costs hundreds of dollars, but its more about the cost of a bottle of water, or a tank of gas. Everything on the globe gets more expensive and somehow quality is compromised by mass marketing and mass production. The idea of globalization comes and goes and we live with it. I am not cynical about it, I just wonder why people are shocked by the outstanding pedigree of a Japanese melon but never raise an eyebrow at what you pay at Starbucks for sugar-junk. This isn’t just a melon, its one fruit per plant, hyper attention is given to the growing conditions, the texture, and sweetness. This is an experience, a rare opportunity to taste the world greatest melon fruit. Think of it this way, its one of those Japanese fruit treasures and so what is that worth?