Handful of Sushi @ Tokyo

The current trends in Tokyo are such that sushi chefs are opening everywhere as the trend grows stronger and stronger. I heard yesterday about a new sushi bar opening in Ginza, an ex-chef of Kubei. But many are just disciples of chefs, turning out young chefs who are too often lack the training. The problem is the quality of domestic fish are more and more scarce, and recently Hokkaido’s uni has been non-existent for the past month. Now imagine there still exists a small sushi restaurant with an old-fashioned standard, one chef and his wife. This is the way it was in the past. Now imagine a handful of fish are hand-picked each day and nigiri made in a place that’s quiet, no speaking, street silence, and the aromas of morning preparation. Here its omakase, no extras, no frills and no Michelin noisy tourists.

Pictured below from left to right: akagai/himo, aoyagi, geiso, awabu and sumi-ika.