Gorio Tokyo Steak

There is no doubt that Gorio is a quality steak house with premium Sanda beef. The only issue is the atmosphere is so old it felt like a ghost town. I have nothing against the idea of old, in fact we appreciated the look of Aragawa in the golden days.


In fact Gorio opened as a branch of Aragawa restaurant in Shimbashi Tokyo. From the beginning, Gorio has maintained the Aragawa tradition of using a closed oven with temperatures as high as 800°C.


They use Tajima beef from Sanda that is exceptional in quality. As you see from the photo its a female cow and a champion. The meat is flavored with a twist of salt and pepper and cooked on custom-made kushi (metal skewers) in their signature oven fired with sumi binchotan from Wakayama Prefecture.

sumi: http://mesubim.com/2014/12/09/kishu-sumi-binchotan-wakayama/


In a quiet and romantic corner set apart from the Tokyo’s madness is a corner table, a chef’s table where you are almost in the kitchen. The restaurant is eighteen-seats space with a space unchanged since its founding in 1984.

The name “Gorio” comes the Japanese translation of the title of a novel by the famous French writer Honoré de Balzac, Le Père Goriot.