Sumeet Nair Part I – video

An afternoon with Nair and his wife was a fantastic experience and they are both very hospitable and warm people. We arrived to their farm which is more of an elite gated community surrounded by farm land. This isn’t a typical setting but its a way of life for some in Delhi, a garden with vegetable, herbs, spices and fruits.


Nair’s wife Gitanjali has rescued these bulls and they are in excellent form being taken care of in a way that gives them the dignity they deserve she says. They are the happiest, cleanest and well fed bulls we’ve seen in Delhi.


The masala is being explained to us as Nair stands over his wok and fries some onions before adding the tomato and spices from their garden, a plant leaf that is similar to 5 spice.


This masala is being made for the prawns dish prepared with a medium quality of spiciness and the palate of ingredients are plentiful as you can see below in the photo.


The dish is made with onions that are deeply browned and the shrimps cooked to perfection.