Sumeet Nair Part II Tandoori Cauliflower – videos

The table is set up in their garden and waiting for us as we sit inside waiting for Nair. A cooking station is set up in the garden, and Nairs woks were set up as his two helpers are rushing to and from the house kitchen. Nair obsessively selects his ingredients and cooks everything from scratch using hand-ground masalas.


The mise en place was impeccable and Nair was well prepared and ready to explain how to make some simple Indian dishes are to make.


Today we are learning Tandoori cauliflower and the tandoori is ripping hot. The name of the game is using your hands and Indians use their hands in the kitchen for almost everything. Using chickpea flour he massages the cauliflower with his tandoori mixture.


The color comes from food coloring and the signature red is what it takes, a pair of hands to get the tandoori mixture into the crevices.

The end result is amazing vegetarian tandoori.