Taj Mahal Part III – video

The combination and the vastness is monumental all in a single breath ans yet the exquisite details of craftsmanship are mark throughout. The marble lattice screens and the beautiful carvings with lilies and tulips together with iris flowers symbolize death.


The Taj Mahal is distinguished by a few elements related to the prayer ritual. The mosque floor was laid out with the outlines of 569 prayer rugs in black marble. Mughal mosques of the time divide the sanctuary hall into three areas and at the Taj Mahal, each one opens onto vaulting dome.


A labor force of about twenty thousand workers was recruited from across the Northern India and from Italy they had skillful technicians to help. You see Arabic inscriptions in black marble are used to decorate the south gateway and main mausoleum. The black marble lettering is inlaid into white marble frame the architectural features.


The mood of the Taj Mahal is caught by the awe of the visitors and under the afternoon sun it glistens bright white and looks like a jewel against the blue of the skyline. The balance of all the elements, the garden, the fountain and water channel all look exquisitely managed to provide maximum harmony in terms of visual appearance and appeal. The sheer beauty of the outside of this monument marks the serenity from within, and the shape and form of the dome makes it all worthwhile.

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