Tiger Needles Part II – videos

The tigers are coming we are anxious as the sun begins to show some light on the forest sky. We are in and out of the forest like jungle and the air is fresh and the tigers have been walking most of the night searching for prey. Tigers work hard to eat and it isn’t easy for them despite the immense number of animals they can feast on.


There are five courses or zones where tigers roam and each tiger is territorial only passing where they belong or they risk fighting their own siblings or their maternal and paternal tigers. Finding tigers is like finding needles in a hay stack so you must be patient and wait from the alarm calls, animals warning of a tiger sighting, or tracking by using tiger tracks.The advantage you have here is that tigers enjoy the cleared areas for ease and comfort for moving within the forest-jungle.

This tiger was our first sighting and we were lucky to get there in time. The way it works is you move until you see the tiger or other vehicles stopped and observing a tiger. The tigers are big cats and are so confident that they rarely get flustered by the vehicles starting, moving or stopping nearby.

This is a male cub, not identified with a name as yet. Tigers are easy or difficult to get close to see, and it all depends on your luck, driver and naturalist. As you’ll see we had a tremendous amount of luck with tiger spotting and given the tigers are spread out over a vast area.

Visitors to the park move around in government approved jeeps (limited in number) and in some cases in over-sized vehicles that are referred to as buses. They are even filled up with screaming babies and tourists from all over the globe. I ask my naturalist why such large vehicles and he replies, “even those poor fellows wish to see tigers”, and I immediately get it.