Aragawa ¥,¥¥¥

There are probably few steak shops in Japan as expensive as Aragawa, and few that are so sterile. I have been going there for thirty years and also tried their branch named Gorio several times:

The menu at Aragawa is not very complex, it consists of beef, three kinds of quality, and four appetizers all domestic except the farmed smoked salmon.This season is Hokkido crab a delicious winter food, served as a cocktail.

The beef at Aragawa is among the very best available in Japan, but the cooking is what makes it perfect. The chef uses a kushi to stainless steel skewer to hold the beef before it is placed into a customized brick oven powered by sumi-binchotan:

The beef qualities at Aragawa are left up to the client to select from, ans it is all a matter of price per gram.


So here is the beef, a 220g filet mignon which was cooked R, and as you see from their menu, they cook the beef 10 different degrees. You may ask yourself is such a thing possible and the answer is, “only in Japan”.


The butter in the baked potato is a classic and fits very well with the red banquettes and the black uniforms used by the 2 staff members.


Eating at Aragawa is like eating a quiet gallery, somehow a privilege, an experience worthwhile but for many its just a dream.

Minato-ku, Nishishinbashi, 3 Chome−23−11 Tokyo
T: 03-3438-1867