Bobby’s Natto Kinase

I was asked what are Natto’s best combinations and my top three choices. First of all natto is a real superfood, it has living cells most refer to as the active ingredients kinase.It is a macromolecular biological catalyst and so mixing foods with natto must be done carefully.

I was once warned “no rice” with natto and there was a good reason. Almost all metabolic processes in the cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates fast enough to sustain life mixing certain foods should be carefully thought out.

The rice is too dense a food, it heats and smothers the kinase action. I believe (no scientific proof) that natto is best when natto enzyme probiotics have a broad range of freedom. It’s these types of probiotics that are known to help ailing guts that suffer with colitis, etc.

So to answer your question is, Natto must have the right fit, and here is one of my favorite combinations is:

Natto is best mixed with compatible foods such as avocado and in the past this is one of my favorite combinations. The stringy long gooey food, is often more hectic than you think. Natto attaches itself to everything, it is similar to chewing gum stuck under your shoes on a hot summer day. So preparing it takes some thought and a good paper towel to break off the strings that attach themselves to almost anything in their sight.

I use green dried blue-green algae and avocado, and onion folklore speeds up the enzyme process. Shoyu and mustard are frequently used in flavoring natto, and I sometimes introduce fresh tomato juice and seeds from tomatoes, but not the best for diverticulum as they can aggravate the intestinal wall. But in some cases I use them to give more depth of field, another dimension of texture and taste. This all comes together with the addition of active agents, either egg or olive oil, and some dashi.

So in conclusion use small-sized particles, spirulina powder, neggi, or other raw materials that can be mixed in, whipped to help activate the enzymes. Don’t forget some black pepper, smoked paprika and garlic in small doses. It should be finished with virgin olive oil and in my case I added some truffle.