Der Schweizer @ Käsehumidor – video

In Wollzeile 15, 1010 Vienna Der Schweizer serves some of Britain’s finest delights – raw milk cow’s cheese. I can assure you this top Scottish cheddar has a punch – just cut fresh. I am told that cheddar gets a little bitter after being cut – exposed to the light and air after being opened. This was from isle of Mull in Scotland and was 25kg of raw milk.


Cheesemaker is Brendan Reade and Steve Palmer on the Isle of Mull, Scotland and they take pride in what they do. In 1979, Jeff and Chris Reade moved to Sgriob-ruadh (pronounced ‘Ski-Brooah’) from Somerset, where they had been milking cows for tankers. Sgriob-ruadh was a derelict farm just outside the small town of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Over the next 35 years, together with their four sons Brendan, Matthew Garth and Joe, and driven by their own enterprise, ingenuity, skill, and hard work, they built a working farm including cow housing, a milking parlour and cheesemaking room and cellars. Matthew has since concentrated on wood carving while Joe has developed a thriving organic biscuit business baking using wood, while Chris, Garth, Brendan and Shelagh continue to cultivate Isle of Mull cheese. Meanwhile the third generation is in training. The family is proud to be one of the island’s largest employers.


Cheese produced from raw milk has many layers of flavour and they preserve the natural microbes found in the milk by transferring the fresh milk directly into the cheese vat. Any additional milk needed to fill the vat is warmed by the heat stored in the pool. Additional heat needed to finish the cheesemaking comes from a large log fuelled water heater.


There the summers are bright with long days as the cows graze on rich grass or happily shelter inside on the cooler days. The herd of 120 Brown Swiss, Swedish Red, Norwegian Red, Friesian, and Meuse Rhine Issel (MRI) cows are housed in large sheds for the winter months to protect them from the wild island weather. They are fed on a diet of hay, silage and spent grain husks, known as draff, from the distillery in Tobermory a mile or so away.

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“The restaurant with the Swiss flag”

District 2 – Wollzeile 15, 1010 Vienna

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