Quadri Alajmo Brothers

Alajmo brothers are well-known in Italy and even internationally but most people outside of Italy have never heard of them. Well let me introduce Alajmo. In 1996, 22 years old Massimiliano became the youngest chef with two Michelin stars and six years later a third.
The Alajmos collaborate with many artisans working to recognize and develop products and Massimiliano is an expert at flavours.


As a whole they form an interlocking flavour laboratory @ In.gredienti which is at the heart of their network located across the road from the three star Le Calandre. It’s the name of their private food label and their table–worthy cookbook: http://www.alajmo.it/sezione.asp?pagina=dispensa&lingua=ing


Quadri is a name steeped in history as is the café, first to introduce Turkish Coffee to the city in the 1700s. Today the cafe still operates and the restaurant matches the elegance of the city and the square.

Directly overlooking Piazza San Marco, two floors up from the café, you walk into a room filled with lush burgundy damask walls, a magical dining room moodily lit with oversized Murano chandeliers.


I adore the inspiration of Alajmo and I particularly respect his dedication to ingredients and commitment to using the finest he can find. I know he searches up and down Italy to find any kind of high quality artisanal raw materials. They work with a variety of top producers purveying some of Italy’s finest raw materials.


I deeply appreciate the fact that the use a Langoustines from Sardinia, and not a French Blue or the hideous Canadian farmed types from Nova Scotia. Massimiliano is religiously strict, and as a devout Catholic it shows his devotion and discipline, a purity true to mother nature.


In short it is as perfect as you’ll find when it comes to Italian cuisine, and that’s not to say that there aren’t other exceptional restaurants. Alajmo are one of those establishments you need to try to see what I mean and not just once. It doesn’t mean that its perfect each and overtime but then again that would make it boring.


Details are the telling truth in any cuisine and without passion, dedication, emotion, selected raw materials and technique, it isn’t possible. /bravo/

Piazza San Marco, 121, 30124 Venezia-Italy
T. +39 041 522 2105