Katsuo Sashimi

This is a fish that I rarely eat and not because I don’t like it, but because it’s not normally seen at the counters I frequent. Katsuo is till a favorite in Japan because it is still very abundant near the local shores, and who it comes to sashimi, ginger, onion and shoe are the combined ingredients.

In the world of sushi no doubt maguro is king and in Japan specifically Hon Mauro or known as the King of the sea, the true and real bluefin tuna. It’s so popular tuna are almost like billboards for some sushi chains, and hence fetch ridiculous, headline-grabbing prices.

But bluefin was not always the king of Japan’s sea and has became popular in the 20th century. The fish that reigned supreme before it was skipjack, bonito or katsuo in Japanese.


Katsuo is one of the most important fish and is used as the main staple in Japanese dashi, the foundation of all Japanese cuisine. Katsuo is often dried and fermented and it becomes katsuobushi, one of the main ingredients in dashi stock and is known by every single Japanese citizen, young or old.

Katsuo is enjoyed in many ways but the most popular is raw given it’s a fraction of the cost of tuna, and almost as mouth-watering to some.