Hawk Fake Wasabi @ Matsubara-an

If you travel to Kamakura a visit to Matsubara-an makes sense or does it? In the case we decided to picnic and set up at the water from on a iconic bench.

As we were seated a Japanese man rushes over to use with an intense look and says “watch out”. He points above us and I thought, “oh bird droppings” so no big deal. But just the opposite happens.


It is no joke and we headed to the well known Matsubara-an with its so-called calling card teuchi soba buckwheat noodles prepared by hand. They are so and so, and possibly a tad too touristic these days but much better than a hawk attack.

Matusbara an has a beautiful setting in an old fashioned house (near the beach) and located in a residential neighbourhood. Their garden is very cozy and they produced a nice cafe at the garden level where you can enjoy a scone and a tea.


But I start to wonder how a reputable soba shop can use “fake wasabi” made from horseradish and food colouring. That is just the oddest thing as you imagine the hand work that goes into making soba noodles from scratch. Someone should tell them to stop!