Melon Fuss

So what’s all the fuss about Japanese musk melon. In order to understand Japanese melon you need to agree to pay the price and try it! But so many foreigners stare at it in awe, and say that’s insane and in some way it is. The taste is incredible and it is incomparable to any other melon, and even if its true you can buy melon for a fraction of the price – its not the same.

The musk melon is based on several factors; one is the appearance and this is key. The physical appearance indicates the growing pattern of the melon, its environment, the care given, and the fruits DNA. So looking at and comparing melon to melon you begin to see the web like pattern varies from fruit to fruit.The next tip is the topside of the melon and it should not be green or discoloured or the melon is inferior.

You shouldn’t buy a melon unless you check it carefully but that’s not always possible given “gaijin” are not trusted to handle fruits. Too often they fumble them, squeeze them, or just mis-handle the fruit. So you’ll need to rely on the seller, and if you take the leap of faith, go to a reputable fruit shop such as Sembikiya, or Sun Fruits. These can be found in major department stores and is your best bet.


Bottom-line, in the west they do not have the culture to fully appreciate the time and care given to raising a perfect single fruit. For westerners its a relative comparison, so they are always stumped when confronted by a melon’s price. In America a melon is a matter of dollars and so why pay more.


Frankly I have tested and tasted numerous melons in Japan and abroad and in Japan no doubt its an experience. But no doubt a melon must be ready and that’s the key to enjoying musk melon. If it is too premature to eat, the melon is pointless. So you need to understand when the melon is ready and if the fruit is ready – it will be one of those experiences that blow your mind if you remain open-minded.

Lastly don’t forget do not try to cut a melon yourself, ask the hotel to prepare it and they will gladly do so.