Japanese Police Arrest – video

Japanese Police are highly trained in hand combat Aikido and in Kendo and should you doubt their ability to use hand to hand combat, you would be sadly mistaken. This is a video of a Police competition where basic techniques of Aikido are used to combat an attacker with a knife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe_1nRVbNRE

If you walk in Tokyo you’ll see the Police often standing with a stick that looks like a broom stick. This is a heavy solid piece of hard wood used by the police to keep anyone aggressing away. The training is vigorous and dangerous and anyone who has tried Kendo knows what I mean.

The Japanese police are reluctant to show any signs of aggression on the street, and use the utmost patience to arrest anyone who is not cooperating. This is a short video I filmed in Roppongi of the police detaining a suspected criminal, as he tried to get wiggle his way into a car.

This video is a perfect example of exemplary Japanese Police conduct, and I admire Japanese Police training. You can imagine in America they would beat your head in, if you would slightly resist arrest.

Just the opposite is true here because anyone can use force, often police abuse their powers by using brut force when it isn’t necessary, and too often it results in hurting the person. When a police officer is well-trained he can restrain himself or herself. It takes great power to restrain yourself, and use patience to make an arrest. But don’t be fooled, if any violence would be used, he would be turned into a ball and taken away.