Mr. T @ Tsukiji – video

So I try to get into tsukiji mode and I join Mr. T to buy his tuna. So let me tell you after 35 years of being friends, he waves his hand (see video) to warn me not to enter the fishmongers stall. It isn’t tourist friendly and they handle the finest hon maguro in Japan but forget it.

The tsukiji isn’t for everyone, its wet and at this time of the year slightly smelly as the weather heats up. The tsukiji will move soon and by November it will move. The tsukiji fish market is one of eleven wholesale markets in operation in Tokyo. Built in 1935, it is the oldest market in the city and its going to move.

Over 500 varieties of fish are handled at the market on a daily basis. The market never sleeps, and is virtually open 24/7 with 40,000 workers and 19,000 trucks and cars going in and out everyday. On average, the market logs total daily sales of about ¥1.8 billion, with around 1,800 tons of fish and 1,160 tons sold daily.

Tsukiji fish market has over the years become more than just a market, it has become a cultural landmark. On November 2, 2016, the market will close the doors on its 80-year history as it prepares to move to a new site in the Toyosu district of Tokyo’s Koto Ward.