Yakumo @ Meguro |Bravo!!!|

I am not a ramen fan but for the wrong reasons or for the right reasons. Basically most ramen shops have a re-fried odor that permeates your cloths – I hate it. But not all ramen is smelly, and when it comes to ramen, it must have the right balance.

Always crowded ramen shops are a pain in ass if you are not patient enough to wait but it goes quickly. Really on the 2F but is this ramen shop is thriving. I can say I had one of the best experiences in ramen, no smell at all, tasty, friendly and really very good raw materials.There were shrimp dumplings, and cha-shu including some pork dumplings.

Two types of soup “it’s black,” and or white soy sauce and “it’s white” and I go for white. It was not junky at all, a very good solid taste, not overly salty and the broth had a mouth full of taste. /Bravo/

I like this Ramen-man: http://www.ramenadventures.com/p/tokyo-ramen-map.html


Meguro-ku, Ohashi 1-7-2 on the 2nd floor
Open 11:30-15:30 and 17:00-21:00
Closed Tuesdays